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​About Us 

An avid animal lover, Marci Dop has had a menagerie of pets over the years - cats, dogs, snakes, horses and turtles among them.

After a family pet - Rico - slipped his collar and escaped, Marci worked tirelessly tracking his movements, acquiring cameras and traps in hopes of bringing Rico home.  That was some 4 years ago.  During the search for Rico, more equipment was acquired and more folks were reaching out for help finding their own lost pets. 


Although Rico has not yet returned, Marci has turned her grief into a passion for helping others search for their own lost pets, and, abandoned animals in need of a loving home.   

Trapping and returning lost pets is not easy, so Rico Pet Recovery relies on a group of volunteers who share the same passion.  Several of our volunteers have received training and certification from the Missing Animal Response Network. We could not do this without all of them!


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